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New Hunting Properties Available May 2020

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Find the perfect place to enjoy the outdoors in Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi, Florida, Texas, Oklahoma, Georgia, South Carolina, Washington or Oregon . Create your Rayonier Hunting account and be the first to see 2019 available properties. Your account includes everything you need to find and license hunting properties including:

All-inclusive Pricing
Your account includes one up-front cost with no hidden fees. All member perks, including liability insurance, are built into our pricing structure, so you never have to worry about surprise costs.

See Every Available Property
Account holders can see every property we have available, and they’re always the first to know. If you’re not an account holder, you might miss out on your dream property.

Exclusive Access to Your Property
Because Rayonier doesn’t license property to multiple account holders, you can rest assured that you’ll never have to hunt with a stranger when you secure hunting land with Rayonier. This exclusive access means you choose who has access to your property, whether it’s friends, family, or co-workers.

First Rights to Renew/Refuse
Current customers are given first access to their property when it’s time to renew. Not only does this ensure you can renew or refuse your land, but you’ll be able to easily build up your property, year over year.

Family-safe Environment
Rayonier properties are maintained with neighbors in mind, so you can feel safe knowing your property is family-friendly and family-safe.

Participation in Our Food Plot Program
Food plots are an excellent way to attract more game to your hunting property. As an account holder, you’ll be able to plant on an existing food plot or create a new one. Not only will this expand your huntable area, the added nutrition will increase reproduction and the antler size of the game on your property.

Superior Customer Service
Rayonier is dedicated to giving our hunting club members an enjoyable and excellent experience through every step of the licensing and hunting process. Our team is passionate, knowledgeable, and dedicated to improving your experience.

Open Communication and Transparency
As a leading timber Real Estate Investment Trust, we actively timber with the goal of creating a more sustainable use of land. Our commitment to timbering ensures the future of hunting property. While timbering might take place on the property you secure, we actively distribute timbering maps with specific information on the areas to be harvested so you’ll always be in the know of when and where timbering will happen.

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