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The Rayonier Story

Our Company

Rayonier is a leading timberland real estate investment trust with assets located in some of the most productive softwood timber growing regions in the United States and New Zealand. Rayonier owns, licenses or manages approximately 2.7 million acres of timberlands located in the U.S. South, U.S. Pacific Northwest and New Zealand.
  • Our Vision
    Our Vision

    To be the best forest products and land company, recognized and admired as the leader in creating value for our owners.

  • Our Mission
    Our Mission

    We are committed to creating the highest value from a growing timberland base by combining our knowledge of land and forestry with a relentless focus on operational excellence and financial performance for the benefit of our owners, customers, employees, and communities.

Our History

Since our inception in 1926, resourceful and determined Rayonier employees have worked to further our vision and mission. Many changes have taken place over the past 85 years, but our fundamental values remain the same. We look forward to creating opportunities and value for many generations to come.

Rayonier, 1926 - 1931

Originally founded in 1926 as the Rainier Pulp and Paper Company in Shelton, Washington, Rayonier created and distributed premium bleached paper pulp. Soon after its expansion with two additional mills in northwest Washington State, Rayonier found itself as the largest single manufacturer of dissolving pulps in the world. In 1931, Rainier research scientists teamed up with the world’s leading producer of rayon, DuPont, and together they perfected the world’s first dissolving pulp made from western hemlock trees.

Rayonier, 1937 - 1945

The company’s next momentous day in history came in 1937, when public trading began on the New York Stock Exchange as “Rayonier”—the name devised from the union of the word rayon and Mount Rainier in Washington State. Despite the economic hardships caused by the Great Depression in late 1930, Rayonier began purchasing U.S. timberlands and continued to grow. In 1945 Rayonier set sites on northwest timberlands and succeeded in the acquisition of approximately 300,000 acres.

Rayonier, 1992 – 2014

Significant international expansion occurred when Rayonier acquired 250,000 acres of timberland in New Zealand in 1992. By 1999, Rayonier became the seventh largest private timberland owner in the U.S. after its acquisition of 969,000 acres of timberland in Florida, Georgia, and Alabama. Currently, Rayonier owns approximately 2.7 million acres across the U.S. South, Pacific Northwest and New Zealand.

Rayonier Hunting and Recreation

Creating Recreational Value as Our Timber Grows

Creating Recreational Value as Our Timber Grows

Rayonier timberlands help support wildlife habitat, water and air quality all while providing recreational opportunities for interested parties. Every year, Rayonier makes more than 2.2 million acres available of prime real estate for recreational licensing across the United States. Those interested in licensing land for hunting or recreational activities in Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Texas, Oklahoma, Oregon and Washington State are eligible for The Rayonier Hunting and Recreation Program.

Licensing Land with Rayonier Hunting

Anyone is welcome to licensing Rayonier lands for a variety of outdoor activities. Recreational activities may include but are not limited to hunting, camping, and hiking among other outdoor activities such as collecting firewood or mulch. Exclusive hunting privileges are extended to hunt clubs that purchase license agreements with Rayonier. Hunting and recreational licenses allow Rayonier’s neighbors to enjoy the land and create non-timber income, all while Rayonier timber continues to grow in value.

Rayonier Hunting and Recreation programs are designed with our neighbors in mind. Rayonier offers hunting properties ranging from 20 to 20,000 acres across the country. Whether you love to hunt, fish or spend time with family and friends in the great outdoors—Rayonier timberlands’ have the perfect spot for you.

Rayonier's Forestry Management

Rayonier Today

A leading timber Real Estate Investment Trust, Rayonier creates value for shareholders through solid cash flows that fund our dividend, and through the increasing value of our core businesses - Forest Resources and Real Estate.
A global forest products company maximizing value from a growing timberland base.

Our 2.7 million acres of working forests, located across the U.S. South, Pacific Northwest and New Zealand, provide wood for use in a variety of markets, from pulp to lumber, paper, oriented strand board (OSB) and other wood-based products. Across our research facilities, nurseries and land base in the U.S. and New Zealand, we’re always improving how we grow trees. The goal is stronger, healthier trees and sustainable use of the land.

The Rayonier Commitment

Rayonier is committed to the responsible management of every acre. In the U.S., we voluntarily subscribe to the Sustainable Forestry Initiative program, which includes independent third-party audits of our practices. We also practice sustainable forestry methods in New Zealand.

Our knowledge of land and how to maximize its return carries over to our Real Estate business as demographics and population growth increase property values above those of timberlands.