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Forestry 101

Forestry and Silviculture at Rayonier

Rayonier has recognized since its founding in 1926 that our success depends on healthy, productive forests. That’s why environmental stewardship is woven into our culture. Rayonier foresters take great care in preparing, planting, managing, thinning, and harvesting our timberlands to maximize growth and yield. The timber we harvest today was planted by previous generations of Rayonier employees, and the seedlings we plant will be there for the next.

Here are some of the silviculture procedures we follow to ensure the sustainability of our forests into the future. (Silviculture is the branch of forestry dealing with the development and care of forests.):

  • Meticulous site preparation creates the optimal environment before planting to safeguard tree survival.
  • Genetically pre-selected seedlings for each site are shipped from Rayonier’s nursery and planted.
  • Trees are thinned to stimulate growth and allow for a healthier plantation.
  • Herbicide and/or fertilizer may be applied after thinning to stimulate growth.
  • Sites in the U.S. South are harvested between the ages of 22 and 25, and then the process starts again. Every rotation is an opportunity to grow better, more robust trees and create greater value.

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