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Whether you're a newcomer who's just now finding out about Rayonier, or an experienced hunter who's been with us for over thirty years, these lists were made to help you. We’ve compiled some of the most essential questions asked by other hunters and outdoor enthusiasts like yourselves, and answered them right here to ensure you have the most accurate information as possible when looking for that next place to hunt and enjoy the great outdoors. If you have additional questions after reviewing our FAQs, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. We'd be more than happy to help!

Hunting access permits in Washington and Oregon will be released on our website on Monday, June 27th, 2022, at 6 AM PT. Create your Rayonier Hunting Account now and be ready for then.


  • Disco Bay
  • Deep Creek
  • Fossil Creek
  • Goodman
  • Hoko-Dickey
  • Jupiter Mountain
  • Marble Mountain
  • Promised Land
  • Salmon Creek
  • Swift Reservoir
  • North Central Package - Deep Creek, Goodman, Hoko-Dickey, Promised Land
  • General Hunting - Individual
  • General Hunting - Family


  • Davis Slough
  • Rogue River
  • General Hunting - Individual
  • General Hunting - Family

This permit program creates a different kind of recreational opportunity for sportsmen on our property. When you buy a permit, you will have greater access and more freedom to hunt, fish, camp, drive and ride than anywhere else on our land. Permits will be limited in order to provide a more secluded experience, and to improve the quality of the hunt over time.

Gates to the property will generally be kept closed when not in use for timber hauling. For named permit areas (such as Deep Creek) you will be issued a key that will give you access to the property at all times during the permit period. You will also be issued vehicle and individual passes to identify you as a permittee. General Access permit areas allow vehicle access on green dot roads, otherwise you may park at the gate (do not block the gate) and walk in.

Any time during the valid dates of your permit period.

Hunt deer, elk, bear and other legal game. Fish for salmon, steelhead and trout. Come and go as you please. Self-contained camping. Ride ATVs on existing roads (subject to some limitations). Place game cameras, tree stands and blinds.

No, all permit areas are only accessible by permit holders.

This permit is for access only. You will need to have a valid state hunting license and tags appropriate for the season you are hunting.

Most of the property will be available for motor vehicle access for holders of a named area hunting permit. Some areas are closed to motorized access for either safety or game management purposes. In the State of Oregon, vehicular traffic is prohibited during fire season. You may not drive any motorized vehicle in Walk-In areas. Bicycles with electric motor assist are considered motorized and are not allowed in the walk in areas. Obey all signage: an open gate does not necessarily mean a road is open to motorized use.

ATV use is only permitted with approved decal in Grays Harbor and Pacific counties in Washington State. ATV use is not permitted in the State of Oregon. You can ride an ATV, but only in conjunction with hunting and on existing gravel roads. Maintain a safe speed and do not ride on roads with active hauling.

You may sight in your rifle, but other forms of target or recreational shooting are not allowed.

Companions are allowed but are subject to terms and conditions of your permit. Your companion(s) must remain in your company at all times. Only one vehicle per permit is allowed.

Camping is permitted in the named permit areas. Camping is prohibited in the general access area. Choose your campsite carefully. Do not block roads. Do not camp near active operations. Do not camp near slash piles (they may be burned anytime). Camps must be self-contained with means to properly dispose of human waste. All traces of your camp must be removed by the end of the permit period. If you have any concerns about your camp location, call 855-729-4868.

You may have a small campfire after fire season has ended and the fire danger is low, as determined by the appropriate agency. In Washington this is generally after October 15, in Oregon there is not an established date, but to find information on the fire season in Oregon, please refer to the Coos Forest Protection Association website. Current fire danger levels can be found at fortress.wa.gov/dnr/protection/firedanger and at www.coosfpa.net. Do not leave fires unattended.

General Access permit holders may not cut firewood. Named area permit holders may cut up to 5 cords of firewood after fire season is over for personal use only. Do not cut trees that are still attached to the roots, regardless of whether they are standing or down. Do not cut logs from decks, and in Oregon, do not cut the logs that are scattered across the logging unit. That large woody debris is required by Oregon statute.

As this is a working forest, there are many forestry activities that you may encounter on the property. For your safety, stay clear of all logging, road construction, slash burning and herbicide applications. Herbicide applications will be marked with signage--avoid these areas during the indicated dates. Be aware of where there are slash piles, as may be burned at any time. Many people work in the woods--follow good hunting ethics when shooting. Be alert and watch for truck traffic--trucks always have the right of way. Avoid driving roads with active hauling. Always drive with your headlights on. Rayonier requires that you use a CB radio to announce your presence as you travel on logging roads. CB channels are posted on most roads. Mainline roads also have numeric markers so you can indicate your location. Indicate that you are a pickup, and whether you are inbound (driving away from town) or outbound (toward town). For instance: "Pickup in at the 2 marker."

In Washington call 360-533-7000, in Oregon call 541-435-2602 and security will be dispatched as soon as possible.

Consider your safety first and avoid confrontation. Safely record as much information as you can, such as vehicle description, license plate, description of the individual(s), time and place. If possible snap a picture of the license plate and the vehicle. In Washington call 360-533-7000, in Oregon call 541-435-2602.

Call 855-729-4868 as soon as possible.

It is VERY important to take care of your key. You will be charged a $25.00 fee for a lost key, regardless of the circumstances. If the situation warrants it, you may also lose your permit without a refund. However, accidents do happen, so if you lose your key please call 855-729-4868 immediately and we will consider replacing it. We recommend you keep your key along with your car keys--do not leave your key unattended. You are responsible for it, even if it is stolen.

If you have a medical emergency call 911. To report a wildfire, call 360-533-7000. For all other matters, please call 855-729-4868.

Yes, members of the public will be able to access lands formerly owned by Pope for recreation purposes. However, everyone that wishes to access these lands will need a valid permit to do so. There are multiple permit options for you to choose from: RLU, Enhanced or General. Permits or RLUs provide either exclusive or shared access to a specific property. The costs and benefits provided vary depending on the type of permit and the location. We will also offer permits free of charge in select areas. Create an account to view current offers and be notified for new offers.

Rayonier’s timberlands contain many special and unique natural spaces, and Rayonier is happy to allow public access to several of these designated areas. As a general rule, permits and/or licenses are required for access to Rayonier land. However, permits are not required while on the following roads, trails, and/or lakes…

Signage at the access points may explain the requirements for that area. Rayonier does not provide recreational services, lifeguards, or any other improvements in these areas. We ask that the public respects our land and leaves it in the same or better condition than when they arrived. Rayonier may revoke public access in certain situations, such as misuse of the lands.

YES, with a valid permit.

NO, Rayonier does not allow horseback riding for liability reasons.

NO, shooting ranges are not allowed on Rayonier property due to the environmental impacts and garbage that is associated with the activity, as well as the damage to the trees.

YES, with a valid permit BUT, a hunter must purchase a permit that allows motorized access onto Rayonier land (RLU or Enhanced permit).

YES, with a valid permit. Also, bike riding is allowed on public trails such as Port Gamble.

NO, building trails is not allowed.

YES, with a valid permit that allows for motorized access (RLU or Enhanced permit) AND only on existing roads (green dot access sign).

YES, with a valid permit that allows for motorized access (RLU or Enhanced permit) AND only on existing roads (green dot access sign).

NO, flying drones is not allowed.

NO, BUT we are in the process of reviewing specific locations where may allow it.

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