Maintenance Requests

Got a problem? Need a hand? Let us help!

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We’re happy to help you with any and all maintenance requests involving gates, locks or road work. However, to make sure we keep track of all maintenance request details, we ask that you submit your request through your hunting account. We’ve made the process easy and painless:

Maintenance Request Steps

  1. Sign into your account.
  2. Click the ‘Maintenance Request’ button
  3. Select the type of request from the drop-down list
  4. Describe the request and provide the necessary details
  5. Most importantly, don’t forget to upload photos and a map pinpointing the location


With over 50,000 miles of roads on our properties, it can be a challenge to determine where your issue is located without a guide. So, to help us help you, when you submit your request, please upload photos of the damaged roads along with a map pinpointing the exact location of the damage. This helps us eliminate the guesswork and excess time it might take to drive around and discover the location in question. This is a win-win for everyone!

Once we receive a fully-completed request from you, members of the Hunting and Rec team will begin the review process. We take several factors into consideration to determine what actions we’ll take and the timeframe for completing the request, including:

  • The safety of completing the request
  • Degree of urgency
  • How feasible it is to complete
  • Whether or not the damage was club-induced
  • The weather, conditions on the property
  • If crews are available in the area

Based upon our final assessment, we’ll follow up with you via an email sent to your account with all the status details.

Before submitting your request, take a look at our priority scale to see how your requests compares:

  • High - Main access roads with washout and culvert blow-out that are impassable (even with 4-wheel drive)
  • Medium - Secondary roads with large mud holes and impassable deep holes (even with 4-wheel drive) holding water over tires
  • Low - Roads with any of the above instances that are passable, including a washboard road, potholes, sandy road, or a road in need of grading


Hunt clubs are allowed to install personal locks on roads that enter directly into their RLU (Recreational License Unit). Locks should be added to the existing chain by removing one link of chain and should never “lock out” another previously installed lock. Our Lock Sticker Program is currently limited to clubs in our Atlantic region only. Clubs will be supplied 5 stickers when they sign up. Additional stickers can be requested by emailing hunting@rayonier.com.



New gates may be installed at the club’s expense. Hunt clubs are required to obtain prior approval for gate locations from their respective Business Development Manager and must adhere to the following rules:

Gate Installation Rules

  • Gates on intersecting roads must be placed 60+ feet from the intersection to allow for sufficient log truck tracking/turning when hauling wood.
  • Gates must be in good condition and must be fully functional (not rusted out or broken).
  • Gates must be actual gates, not cable gates or barbed wire gates, and should be 16 feet long.
  • Gates must be secured to a post by a chain and the hunt club's lock. The chain must be small enough (not industrial grade) that Rayonier can remove a link with bolt cutters to add a lock at our convenience.

Rayonier should be contacted when gate installation is complete so we can install our locks.