Safety and Rayonier

Safety is an essential aspect of the culture at Rayonier and a topic we consider very important.

With over 18,000 customers accessing Rayonier property for hunting and recreation activities each year, the safety of each and every person is top priority. Rayonier wants everyone to have a safe and enjoyable recreational experience and would like our customers and guests to know about the safety policies we have in place that help protect recreational users, employees, contractors, our natural resources, and the environment. Please make sure to review your recreational license agreement for more information about the safety culture that we are proud of here at Rayonier. With your help, we can make sure that we all leave the woods with nothing but good memories.

Safety Resources

Gun Safety: Own It. Respect It. Secure It.

Topics: Firearm/Weapon Safety

Please take a few moments to review the basics of safe gun handling and storage:


Turkey Hunting Safety

Topics: Firearm/Weapon Safety

Each spring thousands of hunters enter the woods in pursuit of the eastern wild turkey. Turkey hunting is considered one of the most challenging hunts. The typical hunter will use concealment and i...

Warming Fire

Topics: Weather, Fire Safety

Background: It was a December night in the southeast and weather was cool and breezy. A hunting club was camping on a designated site on leased hunting property.


Tree Stand Injuries

Topics: Treestand/Climber Safety

One of the most common deer hunting practices is the use of an elevated hunting stand. The days of walking in the woods and sitting against a tree along a well-traveled deer trail have become much ...

ATV Safety

Topics: ATV/ Vehicle/Driving Safety

In recent years ATV injuries and deaths have dramatically increased in the U.S. Improper use of ATV’s can result in serious injuries, therefore it is important to read the manufacturers safe practi...

Safely Storing Guns and Ammo

Topics: Firearm/Weapon Safety

According to Off the Grid News, there are several major things you need to keep in mind, especially depending on what kind of guns you own. The storage process varies greatly between long guns, han...

The Color Orange

Topics: General Safety

According to the International Hunter Education Association, 43 out of 50 states have regulations that stipulate that hunters must wear orange, also called fluorescent, blaze or hunter orange, whil...

Heart Attack

Topics: First Aid/Health

According to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, “The national hunting base is aging, with fewer young hunters filling the gaps that older hunters create when they no longer hunt. The participation...