Timber Harvesting Notifications

Rayonier understands the temporary impact forestry operations can have on recreational users. We work diligently to communicate with our customers by providing them with a harvest notification email, which includes a map indicating where a timber harvest will occur. Several factors can impact harvest schedules including weather conditions, but we strive to keep our customers as informed as possible.

Although timber harvesting operations may be viewed as a hindrance for our recreational users, remember proper timber management is an essential element in the value we provide to hunt clubs and wildlife. Timber harvests allow sunlight to reach the ground and promote early successional habitats that turkey and white-tailed deer thrive on. Timber openings that occur in conjunction with harvest operations also offer opportunities for the establishment of supplemental food plots that can benefit both hunters and wildlife.

As the steward of approximately 2 million acres of industrial forestland, we work hard to maintain and sustainably manage timber on customers’ RLUs (Recreational License Unites) every day. We understand that timber management operations temporarily impact recreational use, but the benefits created are long-term for our environment as well as wildlife, and ultimately creates a better experience for our recreational customers.