How to Buy a Permit

Washington and Oregon

Looking for a place to hunt, hike, fish or forage down the coasts of Washington and Oregon? You’ve come to the right place. Choose Rayonier land for exclusive access to hunt Roosevelt elk and Blacktail; fish for steelhead, silver salmon, Chinook salmon and trout; or forage for blackberries and wild mushrooms, such as chanterelle and lobster varieties.

With a combined footprint of approximately 480,000 acres of premier land in the Pacific Northwest, we can help you get started!

First things first: You need to create an account for Washington and Oregon access permits. It’s quick and easy to do. Creating an account will give you the option to purchase a permit and keep you in the loop when new hunting properties and permits become available each year. Next, when you are ready to buy the permit, simply select the “Buy Now” button. From here, our website will walk you through the steps, providing you an opportunity to review the terms and conditions that apply to your particular permit. In addition, you will also be given the option to designate a companion(s) to accompany you if applicable and if you so choose. Lastly, make your payment. That’s it!